About Us

Deer Creek Technologies was founded in 2011 by Thomas Frank and Grant Jones.

Thomas Frank is currently a Police Chief in Wisconsin with thirty-nine years of law enforcement experience, including eighteen years as a Chief. Prior to being appointed as Chief, Tom held many assignments, including Patrol Officer, Patrol Sergeant, Tactical Team Operator and OIC, Detective and Firearms Instructor. Tom holds a BS in Criminal Justice and an MBA with a Concentration on Human Resources. Tom has a passion for risk management and improving employee knowledge, confidence, competency and performance. His department has achieved State Law Enforcement Accreditation and he is a State Assessor. Tom is a former Adjunct Instructor and taught Police Administration at a local university.

Grant Jones is a professionally-trained computer engineer. He has been working in different aspects of web, mobile and desktop development for over ten years. Grant has published many successful computer programs for large and small companies throughout the United States. Grant’s past open source focus has been on improving advanced web graphics technologies. His current skills range from backend web service development to native mobile apps with specialization in offline support.

When they combine their depth and diversity of experience together, Tom and Grant form a powerful team. Their experience, along with their passion to improve both technical and personal performance, makes them uniquely qualified to develop this software and provide a better information delivery system for employees and to easily create training with receipt verification.

That’s why we say Deer Creek Technologies is all about Performance Peopleware. It is software that is created to help people achieve optimal performance.