Frequently Asked Questions

How can I copy this information for my local files?

All data is searchable by topic and user and may be printed or stored locally by you on your own computer or network at anytime.

Is there a contract?

There is no length of time contract. Customers will be invoiced on a per year bases. If you feel this service does not meet your needs simply contact us and we will refund your money prorated on the numbers of months left to your years subscription.

How secure is the data on your servers?

We use industry standard practices to keep your data protected within all parts of our system. All data transmitted to and from our servers is encrypted with industry standard HTTP Secure. This ensures that all data is sent privately to our trusted servers.

What if I decide I don't like it?

All records and documents can be downloaded from our servers at any time. In fact we encourage you do this from time-to-time to keep a backup safe on your local computer.