Document Management Software (DOCS)

DOCS helps you lose the paperwork, communicate more easily, and improve productivity. This software doesn’t require a massive training course to learn. It’s wonderfully intuitive, so you can start seeing the benefits right away and not months down the road. From human resources to communication and training, DOCS will help you maximize your team’s efficiency.

Secure Data

Our server is located in a high-security data center and all of your information is backed up daily. Internet connections to our software use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between our web server and your browsers to keep data private and integral.



Policy Manual Online

Organizations have the ability to upload their whole policy manual to provide a readily accessible online paperless reference for employees.

Post Documents

Upload and attach unlimited documents to any post. Our software has a built-in pdf view for ease of use and to ensure viewability on any device.

Create Quizzes

Our software has a built-in quiz template which allows you to verify employee knowledge and understanding. Quizzes can be set to force a user into a 100% correct review or test for actual knowledge.

Email Notification

When a new post is published, employees will receive an email notification with a link to take them to the software. Employees do not have to check the software daily for new information, saving time and resources.

Duplicate Training

If you create awesome training that you would like to send out on a regular basis we have a Duplicate Post feature which allows you to do so. It makes necessary training of high importance easy.

Generate Reports
  • The software comes ready with reports that will generate useful organization activity.
  • Activity reports will prove many accreditation standards.

Create Local Backups

Create a local backup of your data at any time.


Free support and training!

User Friendly

The software was specifically designed for users who have varying degrees of electronic device knowledge; making DOCS an easy-to-understand, easy-to-use experience. Many users have stated they did not need any training to figure out how to use DOCS, they just dove right in.

Post Memos

Memos can be posted to employee groups from anywhere you have a computer device and internet connection. All memos with tract employee receipt and activity.

Post Videos

Upload and attach videos to any post for training or to better convey a message.

Receipt Verification

All posts published to employees will track user activity. You will be able to see the date and time emails were opened, memos and documents opened and the length of time spent on each activity.

Share Training

Our software has a shared training file for all organizations to use. If someone created great training and places it in the file, any other organization can view it and use it with edits as needed.

Track and Record Training

Our Instructor-Led Training feature allows you to document employee training and save certificates, lesson plans, agendas, or notes in a paperless environment. This can be used for a single employee or for groups.  The software will track attendance as well for ongoing training or as a reminder of who still needs to be trained.

Employee Feedback

This feature allows your employees to provide feedback on any post to ask questions or provide additional information.


Archive former employees and outdated posts to keep the page clean and current. Archiving saves all your old data.


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