Early Warning System (EWS)

EWS helps you organize employee contacts and agency activity, allowing you to make necessary corrections as quickly as possible. There’s no length of term contracts, and training and support are included.

Get the system you need to ensure your team is ready for any situation.

Secure Internet Connection

Our server is located in a high-security data center and all of your information is backed up daily. Internet connections to our software use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between our web server and your browsers to keep data private and integral.



Track Employee Performance

Our software is preloaded with 18 high-risk employee behaviors. It is fully customizable to suit your needs and organization.  Track and records both positive and negative conduct.

Track Number of Entries by Position, Shift or Supervisor

This feature will allow you to see if a shift or department is struggling or shinning. Also, employee groups and supervisors will be highlighted.

Supervisor Hierarchy for Viewing

Allow your supervisors to view the employee records on this software if you give them permission to do so. This will help them understand areas of concern for improved supervision, training, and evaluation.  This is especially useful for employees who might have multiple supervisors.

Free Support and Training

Support and training for EWS are completely free.

Easy to Use

The software was thoughtfully designed to provide users with varying degrees of electronic device knowledge an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use experience. Many users have stated they did not need training to figure out how to use the software.

Track Types of Entries

Our software will allow you to easily view types and number of entries to help you make better decisions to develop policy, training, coach, evaluate and discipline employees. View all types of discipline to ensure equal and fair treatment.

Identify Employees or Areas of Concern

Areas of concern will jump off the page at you. All important data will be pulled together to help you make better decisions.

Upload Documents to Entries

If a written document is created for any entry, just attach it to the record entry for a paperless easy to retrieve solution.


per year

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