Deer Creek Technologies is happy to announce a partnership with the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Accreditation Group (WILEAG).  DCT will be provide document management software to both WILEAG and the Wisconsin Police Accreditation Coalition (WI-PAC) to assist their membership with communications, online resources and training.

WILEAG’s Mission Statement: WILEAG’s primary mission is to offer a voluntary and affordable method of achieving professionalism through the accreditation of law enforcement agencies and to assist those agencies to better serve their communities.

Accreditation is a progressive and time-proven wasy of helping institutions evaluate and improve their overall performance.  The key to any successful accreditation system lies in the consensus of published standards obtaing a clear statment of professional objectives.

WILEAG promotes excellence in law enforcement through participation in a voluntary law enforcement agency accreditation program.  Accredited agencies demonstrate compliance with applicable standards covering all aspects of law enforcement administration and operations.


Through WILEAG, DCT will be providing communications to the members of WI-PAC.

As described from their website: The Wisconsin Police Accreditation Coalition is committed to professional excellence and serves to enhance the quality of Wisconsin law enforcement service through promoting and supporting the concept of police accreditation.

Through information sharing, network development and collaborative trainings, they assist their member agencies in achieving their goal of becoming accredited.

Deer Creek Technologies is committed to assisting organizations seeking professionalism and improvement through accreditation and is looking forward to a strong “Gold” partnership.with WILEAG.  DCT’s document management software is very easy to use and accessible from any computer device that has an internet connection.  Users only need to log in when they receive an email notification informing them of a new post.  Our software will document user activity, quiz scores and training video viewing.  The documentation of user activity not only protects agencies, it will improve employee knowledge, increases confidence, and provides proofs for many standards in the accreditation process.  All of this at an affordable price for every budget!

Grant Jones and Tom Frank

Co Founders Deer Creek Technolgies