As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, Grant and I have updated the company logo and website for Deer Creek Technologies.  After several months of development and working with the talented people at both Henke & Associates and Envy Creative, we have launched the new and improved changes.  We feel the logo is modern, sleek and speaks to technology while keeping our company’s identify.  You will find the website to be easier to navigate, fast and loaded with useful information.  Our blog will keep you informed of product and company news and updates.  We will also be sharing our knowledge and experience related to online training and early warning systems.  I’ll be drawing from my 39 years in law enforcement with much of that time focused on training, administration, risk management and accreditation of organizations posting helpful information.  We will periodically publish posts on frequently asked questions and tips for making better use of the software’s full capabilities. Grant will be posting insight on topics related to our software development, functionality and data security.

At the top of our website you will notice that we have added helpful login links to both our Document Management System (DOCS) and our Early Warning System (EWS).  This have been a feature that many customers have asked for.  We also simplified the URL’s to reach these the two login pages although the old URL’s will continue to work as well.  Our Document Management System can be found at and our Early Warning System can be found at

Typical sighting at Deer Creek Technologies

Lastly while on the topic of our logo, we have had many people ask why we named our company Deer Creek Technologies.  The picture below was taken recently and is a pretty common sight on my property which has a creek on one border.  Grant and I were impressed with the beauty, power and intelligence of these animals and we hope you find our software impressive as well.