One of the many great features of Deer Creek Technologies (DCT) document management software (DOCS) is our shared file area for posts.  If any current organization employee creates a training post that they feel other DCT organizations might benefit from, they can place that post into the DCT shared file area.  All posts in this shared file can be viewed by users with permission and easily copied into your organization and used for training or information sharing.  You will locate the DCT shared file link when you create a new post under the post title box.  For those of you who haven’t looked through the shared file area, you will find many posts that may interest you; covering topics such as ADA compliance, police officer safety and decision making skills, and even OSHA  safety regulations for public safety.

Once a post is copied to your homepage screen, help boxes will appear providing simple instructions that will assist you to copy and publish the post.  The copied post will have full edit capabilities before you publish it to your employees.  Customize the post in any way to include your policies on the topic, add a quiz, change a few words, or just publish as it is.

There will be a series of videos on the topic of Police Officer tactics and threat assessment in the shared file area which will be added over the next several weeks.  Check out the video added this past week to see if your staff could benefit from it.  You can view the video before you post it to your organization to ensure it is a message consistent with your own philosophy, policy and training. If you create a post you think others might like, consider adding it to the shared file area, by selecting the link at the bottom of the publish section for any post.

Tom Frank

Co-Founder Deer Creek Technologies